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Friday, May 13, 2005

"Cordoba" friday

Hi everybody!!!!

Firstly, I want to say that I went to the Jornadas CETA "Dramatise your class" to Cordoba with Mª Carmen(Mary), Elena, MªDolores and Marga.
Friday morning: we went out at six o´clock from Toledo to Madrid with our suitcase by bus and we arrived to Madrid at seven . There we took the bus to Cordoba, we were tired because it was a five hours long journey by bus, I had prefered train to bus. When we arrived to Andujar, the bus stopped to go to the toilet or eat something. Afterthat we get on the bus and we continued until Cordoba, We were there at last, I was nap and I told mary "tell me when the bus arrived". After, we arrived at the bus station and we went to tourist information office in order to get some information about Cordoba, for example a street map. We stayed at "Riviera" hotel, this hotel was in the centre of the city and we were looking for the University.

Friday: Marina Arcos "Materials development or how to make materials work in our primary classrooms
The presentation will combine theoretical and practical elements related to materials development as a way to provide students with the mos suitable materials. We will discuss reasons for evaluating, adapting and making materials. Then, a selection of four different types of teaching materials, aimed at primary school learners and illustrated with examples drawn from a bilingual project, will be discussed. We will be using visuals and authentic materials throughout the presentation and will ask teachers to contribute with their own experience and opinions.
Features for a good story:
It´s not too long
It´´s content is of interest to age group
Repetittive but not boring
Organised around a pattern.
Organised around an area of vocabulary.
Children can interact with the themes and characteres of the story.
It´s a good example of language in context and in use.

Helena Aikin: "making and using multisensory interactive storybooks in the EFL classroom
Children learn better when they are exposed to instructional materials which, in addition to being visually attractive, are designed to be enjoyed through the sense of touch. Furthermore, young learners favour classroom activities that develop their creative powers, such as painting, sulpting or inventing their own fairy tales. Consequently, making and using multisensory interactive storybooks in the EFL classroom is a highly stimulating, practical activity of great educational value. In this workshop we shall discuss basec techniques to make visual-tactile learning mateial and the possible uses of these storybooks with young learners.
After the course lessons, we decided to go out around Cordoba because on those days there was an interesting and beautiful festival, yards party or "Fiesta de los Patios", but at three o'clock we felt tired and decided togo back to the hotel and rest till next day.
(to be continued...)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

HERE I AM....... (when you send me an angel....)

Sorry, I couldn't write before 'cause my PC had problems and, to be truth, I've been too busy.. but I promise to write more often about all my life, in general.
On the other hand, it's Sunday today... and you know... Sundays are difficult dates (if you think tomorrow you must be awake very very early to go to University!!! ja, ja, ja...)
Minutes ago I was preparing a work for this subject and I decided to write this few words to disconnect a moment, rest, relax and change (this might be good from time to time)
Now, I try to tell you an "English" joke in English, of course, and about English language (mixed with Spanish, try to translate it if you want to know what it says)
Here it is.... ja,ja,ja (hope you like):

A housewife ask to her husband: Do you pounds tomorrow??
The man looks at her and answers: Yeah, I book!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hi everybody!!!!!I write only one minute, because I´m going to the class, but I preffer stay here with U talking about what I did yesterday. Right now I have to go, sorry, but I promise I will come back to tell U something, ok? see U, bye.

Monday, April 04, 2005



My name is Miriam and I want to say THANK YOU to:

Firstly my sister because she good with me and when I have a problem, she is always with me.
Secondly, I want to say Thank you to my mother because she is a specially person for me.